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Thank you for always using our services.
For those who repeat, of course, it's information that I want you to know for the first time!

For those who use it regularly,
With gratitude,
We have released a shopping pass for 6 months!
You can share it with your family and friends, so
Why don't you take advantage of this opportunity to get unlimited discounts?

《Overview of Shopping Pass》
・990 yen/person ・Can be used as many times as you want during the period ・Applicable to all items (excluding the pass)
・Applies to orders over 2,000 yen (excluding shipping)

Benefit 1:
When using the shopping pass,
350 yen discount every time you order through the zandy official website or Pay ID app.

Perk 2:
Every time the same pass is used 5 times,
A random apple watch band or case will be given as a gift.

<<Valid period>>
6 months from the date of issue

"How to buy"
Purchase the product screen ↓
Within 24 hours after the purchase is complete, we will send your exclusive shopping pass to your registered email address.

▼Precautions regarding purchase ・Please order the shopping pass separately from other products.
・Please enter your email address correctly on the purchase screen.
・Shopping passes are sent from the email address "".
Please set permission to receive from "".
Please be careful of spoofed email addresses.
・If the pass has not been sent after 24 hours, please contact us using the inquiry form.
・The pass will be a virtual card.
・The shopping pass will not be reissued. We recommend saving an image or taking a screenshot after receiving it.
・The shopping pass cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded after issuance.

"how to use"
When ordering, enter the passcode written on the shopping pass in the cart or on the purchase screen,
Please enter it in the coupon code field.
You can use your shopping pass as soon as you receive it.

▼ Precautions for use ・Applies to orders with an order amount of 2,000 yen or more (excluding shipping).
・Applicable to all products, except for the relevant pass. Discounts cannot be applied to purchases of shopping passes, including passes that have already been issued.
・Only the official website and Pay ID app can be used. Yahoo! shopping stores cannot be used.
・Cannot be combined with other coupons.
・Resale of the pass is prohibited. If found, use may be suspended.

Please check the above precautions before purchasing.
Please enjoy shopping.

*Reserved items will be shipped as soon as they arrive.

*If you order pre-order items and stock items at the same time, we will ship them when all the items are ready.

*If you wish to have immediate delivery items shipped in advance, please place a separate order from the reserved items.

*Shipping may be delayed depending on the arrival status. If the arrival date is unavoidably delayed, we will contact you by email.

"Shipping method"
If you purchase over 2800 yen, shipping will be free.
We will ship within 1-3 days after payment is confirmed.

●Click Post (Japan Post) 220 yen nationwide●
・Basic shipping method for free shipping
・With tracking
・ Post-mailing (receipt not required)
※I cannot appoint the date and time for post-mailing
・It will be delivered in about 1-3 days after shipping.
*For some areas such as Hokkaido and Okinawa remote islands, it takes about 4 to 7 days.

●Yamato Nekopos 390 yen nationwide●
・With tracking
・ Post-mailing (receipt not required)
※I cannot appoint the date and time for post-mailing
・It will be delivered in about 1-2 days after shipping.
・There is compensation (up to 3000 yen)

Even if shipping is free, we may ship by Yamato Neko Pos or courier depending on the purchase amount. I will bear the difference here.
In addition, if the thickness exceeds 3 cm, you can choose the special record Yamato courier service compact.

《Payment method》
·credit card
・Amazon Pay
・Apple Pay
・Google Pay
・shop pay
·Convenience store settlement
・Various carrier payment
(docomo, au, softbank, Y!mobile)
・Deferred payment
*Customers are responsible for payment fees.

After you place an order, we will automatically send you an order confirmation email from
If you do not receive the e-mail, please send your name and phone number to the e-mail address below.
We will get back to you by email.

Email address:

Also, if you do not receive an email, please check your email settings below.

– Customers using mobile email addresses (docomo/au/softbank carrier email)
●Blocked by the mail prevention filter
If you use an email prevention filter, please remove the ( filter and set it so that you can receive [].

– Customers using free email addresses
●It is in the spam folder
There is a possibility that emails delivered from this shop may be automatically sorted into the spam folder or trash can by the spam mail prevention function, so please check once.
In addition, you can prevent sorting to the spam folder by sorting (filtering) the received mail of each free mail service.

Incorrect email address
We are very sorry, but there is a possibility that the description of the e-mail address you registered is incorrect. If you have any concerns, please contact us below.

●If the mailbox on the server is full
There is an upper limit to the capacity of mailboxes on the server, and if you do not receive and delete emails on a regular basis, your mailbox will become full. If your inbox is full, it may not accept new emails.
If you are a customer who has not used e-mail recently, please delete the e-mail on the server.

Thank you for using Zandy this time❤︎
Please check the usage guide and precautions before placing an order.

★ About shipping and shipping ★
In principle, we will ship within 1 to 3 business days after payment is confirmed.
*Please note that we may have to wait on rare occasions due to busy periods or long holidays.
*We do not accept the designation of the delivery date and time.
We may not be able to arrange the desired date and time that you have entered in the remarks column.
In addition, we will not contact you separately even if there is a possibility that we will not be able to make it in time for the desired date and time because we will start the shipping procedure immediately after confirming your order.

When shipping is free, we will basically ship by Japan Post's "Click Post" (with tracking service).
* If it does not fit in the post, it will be handed over by the delivery person.
Free shipping for orders over 2,800 yen.

**If there is a delay in delivery or non-arrival due to an incorrect address (wrong street name, missing address, room number, etc.), we cannot resend to the correct address. Please be sure to include the apartment/apartment name and room number.

At our store, we are implementing a paperless delivery slip in consideration of the environment and efforts to protect the personal information of our customers. We have refrained from issuing a statement of delivery.

★Purchase and shipping of reserved items★
Products marked with "Reserved ※" are reserved products. Other items are in stock.
・In stock instant delivery products are usually shipped 1-3 days after confirmation of payment.
・If you only order pre-order items, the estimated shipping time will be as shown.
*Shipping may be earlier or slightly delayed depending on the arrival status.
・If you order a pre-ordered item and an in-stock item at the same time, we will ship the pre-ordered item together when all the items are in stock.
*If you wish to have in-stock immediate delivery items shipped in advance, we recommend that you place separate orders for reserved items and instant delivery items.

★Payment method★
Payment methods are available below.
·credit card
・Amazon Pay
・Apple Pay
・Google Pay
・shop pay
·Convenience store settlement
・Various carrier payment
(docomo, au, softbank, Y!mobile)
・Deferred payment
*Customers are responsible for payment fees.

★Payment deadline★
Advance payment will be made within 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the order date.
Please note that convenience stores and Payeasy payments must be made within 5 days regardless of weekends.
Please check here for deferred payment terms and conditions.

★Regarding order cancellations and changes★
We cannot accept cancellations, changes, exchanges, or returns due to customer's convenience after the product order is confirmed.
Before confirming your order, please check the product name, type, color, size, quantity, etc., and confirm your purchase.

* You cannot change the order details or payment method after the order is confirmed. Please be sure to check before confirming your order.

★About product exchange/return★
[Returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience] Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
When ordering, please be sure to check the size selection and order details before proceeding.
・Returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience (type, color, size error, etc.)
・When a part of the product such as accessories is lost due to the customer's responsibility
・If the product is soiled or damaged due to the customer's responsibility
・If the product has been used even once
・Others If the shop determines that the exchange cannot be accepted according to the above

All images of the products used in our shop were taken by Zandy himself.
The product images are posted as close to the actual product as possible, but the color may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting during photography and image processing. In addition, the color of the image and the actual product may differ slightly depending on the monitor. Thank you for your understanding.

[Exchanges/returns due to our convenience (defective products, etc.)]
We pay utmost attention to product management and shipping, but in the unlikely event that there is a defective product or a wrong product, please fill in the following information within 3 days after the product arrives and send it to us by e-mail or through our inquiry form. Please contact us. *We also accept DMs from Instagram.
We will replace the item only if we determine that the item was due to our error.

・Buyer's name or order ID
・Image (*We cannot respond if there is no attached photo)
・Condition of damage/dirt (please be as specific as possible)

As soon as we have confirmed that the product is defective, we will let you know how to return it.
◎If you do not enter the specific damage status, we will check the damage status again, so the procedure may take some time.
Only unused items will be accepted.
Please note that we cannot accept any exchanges after 3 days after the product arrives.
We will not be able to respond to refunds. Please note that it will be handled by exchange.
*If the product is out of stock and cannot be exchanged, we will issue a refund.

★If the product is returned★
* Please contact each delivery company for inquiries about delivery after the product has been shipped.
We cannot guarantee the loss or damage of the product due to an accident during delivery.
*We are not responsible for the purchase of similar products.

If the product is returned due to the customer's convenience (no receipt for a long time, wrong address, unregistered address, etc.), the customer will be responsible for the full return shipping fee.

・If you are absent for a long time or refuse to receive
Please note that we will charge the actual cost of the round-trip shipping fee + a series of handling fees that our shop bears on behalf of the customer.

★Contact Us★
If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail or CONTACT.
We will reply within 3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.
* We do not accept inquiries by phone.

If you do not receive a reply within 3 business days, please check your e-mail reception settings, etc. .

Thank you for reading ❁︎
Please purchase after understanding the above.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CONTACT before purchasing.

SHOPPING PASS Shopping pass