If you have any questions, please refer to [Frequently Asked Questions] first.
Also, please note that we cannot respond to questions such as "When will it arrive?" and "When will it be shipped?"


Q. When will it arrive if I order now?
A.Except for reserved items, ordered items will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days after payment is confirmed.
*Estimated shipping times for pre-ordered products (including those ordered at the same time as pre-ordered products) are listed on each product page.
[Estimated delivery date] It will arrive in about 2 days from the day after the shipping date.

(It may take a few more days if the destination is far away, such as Hokkaido, Okinawa, or remote islands. It may also vary depending on the time of delivery.)

Q.Can I specify the delivery date and time?
A.We do not accept the designation of the delivery date and time.
We may not be able to arrange the desired date and time that you have entered in the remarks column.
In addition, we will not contact you separately even if there is a possibility that we will not be able to make it in time for the desired date and time because we will start the shipping procedure immediately after confirming your order.

Q.I haven't received a shipping notification email even though the estimated shipping date has passed.
A. We believe that you ordered the reserved item and the in-stock item at the same time.
If you order pre-ordered items and in-stock items at the same time, we will ship the pre-ordered items when all the items are ready.
If you wish to have in-stock immediate delivery items shipped in advance, we recommend that you place separate orders for reserved items and immediate delivery items.
*In the unlikely event that you wish to complete the simultaneous order and to ship in advance, please contact us.

Q. I would like to know the delivery status.
A. The tracking number is included in the shipping notification email, so please use that number to check.

Q. I entered the wrong delivery address.
A. You can change the address only before the order is shipped. At that time, please be sure to inform us of the order ID or the customer's "* name".
Since we cannot respond after shipping, please ask the delivery company to forward or send it to the general delivery company yourself.

Q.Is it possible to specify the delivery method, such as a delivery box or personal delivery?
A. We will ship by Japan Post's "Click Post" (with tracking service) or Yamato Neko Pos, so basically it will be posted in your home mailbox (postbox) in the same way as regular mail.
If it does not fit in the post, it will be handed over by the delivery person.

Q.Can multiple orders be shipped together (enclosed)?
A.If it is confirmed that the delivery address for each order is the same, we may ship multiple orders together.

Q.I would like to change the payment method or order details.
A. You cannot change the order details (product color, size, etc.) or the payment method after the order is confirmed. Please be sure to check before confirming your order.

Q.I want to cancel my order.
A. You can cancel your order only before paying in advance at a convenience store or by bank transfer. If the payment has not been made, it will be automatically canceled at the payment deadline, so there is no need to contact us.

Q. I bought the wrong size/color.
A. For orders that have already been processed or already shipped, we cannot accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges due to customer's personal circumstances (difference in image, size/color error, etc.). Please understand that. Please be sure to check before confirming your order.

Q. I have not received an order confirmation email.
A.We will send you an automatic email after you place an order.
If you are using a mobile phone email address or the spam filter function, the email may have been automatically rejected. Please also check your spam folder.
Also, there is a situation where the e-mail address registered at the time of purchase is incorrect and cannot be sent. In that case, please contact us.
*If you have not received a convenience store or Pay-easy payment email, please contact CONTACT.

Q.I have not received a response to my inquiry.
A.In principle, we will reply to the content of your inquiry to CONTACT within [1 to 3 business days].
If you do not receive a reply, it is possible that your e-mail address has been blocked by the spam filter.
Please cancel the spam rejection setting, or add the domain [info@zandytrading.com] of this service to the specified domain reception field, and then contact us again.

《About the product》

Q.Is wrapping possible?
A.I'm sorry, but we do not offer wrapping.

Q.I received a defective product or a product different from what I ordered, what should I do?
A. We take the utmost care in managing and shipping our products, but in the unlikely event that there is a defective product, damaged product, or wrong product, please fill in the following information within 3 days after the product arrives and send us an email or Please contact us from our inquiry form. Please note that we cannot accept any exchanges after 3 days after the product arrives.
* We also accept DM from Instagram
・Buyer's name or order ID
・Image (*We cannot respond if there is no attached photo)
・Condition of damage/dirt (please be as specific as possible)

Q. When will the product be restocked?
A.Excuse me, but there is no guarantee that any product will be restocked. If you apply for "inquiry about restocking", you can be notified by e-mail when the product is scheduled to be restocked. We will not be able to reply to your inquiry if the arrival date is undecided or if there is no schedule. Please note.

Q.Can you issue a receipt?

Usage details sent by credit card companies/carriers Receipts issued by convenience stores and banks Receipts for deferred payment payments and "Thank you for your purchase" emails received at the time of purchase Please use as